Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"Using Moodle" Book Review - Google doc + Xtranormal + Authorstream

I am happy to share with you this review my friend Carol and I made of the book " Using Moodle" by Jason Cole and Helen Foster.
Hope you enjoy it!

And here you can watch the video from slide 6:

Last Sunday Carol and I had the chance and honor to present our book review on SL. We built two prims that we transformed into whiteboards and we embedded the google doc with the slides into the first whiteboard and the xtranormal video into the second one. When Telmea Story (Glen) gave us the chance to present, it was great to experiment how effective a lesson in SL could be. We zoomed into the tools and advanced the slides and everyone could follow. A real life situations was being recreated as we were talking and it was a phantastic experience! We could also distribute 3 notecards to each participants with some info on our work. Just lovely! I'll have to check if someone has recorded the session, I'd love to post it here! More news to come :)!!!

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