Sunday, June 12, 2011

Virtual ESC rocks!

What a great idea to create an affinity group and meet up in SL! And the Empire State College Island is just the perfect place to do it! Guided by Eileen aka Eilock Clavenham, we are exploring SL and its potentials. We explore, have fun and learn. 

Everything started one night (GMT+1 time) in early September with an Elluminate meeting where we all met up, then we had a walking tour on the island and a short time later a treasure hunt that was real fun!

Here's a slideshare Eileen has created with a list of the winners (I'm in there too!)

A SL Basic Usage Meeting followed the treasure hunt and here is a short video Eileen prepared just after the meeting:

It is a great opportunity to learn and I am looking forward to the next meeting, where we will be guided through a SL basic-building and creating-meeting materials gathering!

Will keep you posted!