AbOuT mE

EFL teacher and online course developer. 

I have been teaching English and Italian as foreign languages to adults and young learners since I graduated in 2002, cooperating with several schools and educational organizations. 

I have studied in Italy first, then in Wales (UK), where I got my CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English) and took a TEFL examination. 

I love the English and Italian languages and enjoy teaching them. 

I also have a passion for e-learning and have contributed to a fully on line university degree at a State University in the north east of Italy: e-tutor first and project manager then. 
I then headed to consultancies and teacher training on elearning for professors, employees and students for other Universities in Italy.

I have worked on Dokeos and followed workshops on Blackboard (in Milan) and Moodle (with he University of Phoenix - Arizona). 

I have been an online moderator twice for the annual IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) Conference (in Cardiff -Wales 2008 and Harrogate - England 2009). 

I hold a Masters in Tourism Management

I have projected, created and taught courses such as EFL, Italian, Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Management, Decision Making and others.

I currently cooperate with Horizons University (Paris), SUNY Empire State College (New York) and local schools (secondary education).

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