Friday, August 20, 2010

Later Thoughts about my Final Project at M4T

Last night I thougt that the best way to show my future fellow teachers how to use Moodle is probably to show them a module made with Moodle. I have been trying the tools in my sandbox (I have a long way to go to learn how to use all of them properly) and I realized that I don't want to produce an explanation of how Moodle works (there are so many and so very good ones around). After discussing it with Ludmila, I decided to create a module of EFL, let's say a hypothetical lesson 5 of an intermediate course, with a part for each of the 4 abilities and a module with the Rationale of the programme.
The content would probably be very very easy, but the point is that the teachers could have a general overview of how they can use Moodle for their courses by actually looking at a real languace course...well...just module at the moment!

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